Safety co-ordination

Safety co-ordination

Safety co-ordination

On site safety management is strictly connected to the organization and management of the site itself. Well planned and co-ordinated work means safe work (a legislative pre-requisite) and from the precept, a productive and efficient site will follow.

Thanks to FOPPOLI MORETTA e ASSOCIATI s.r.l. experience, all private and public projects carried out begin with this analysis. All architectural, structural and plant phases are strictly managed according to our years of experience and the constantly updated official legislation. Only in this way can the final result be assured and shared with the operators who will manage the site.

The safety and co-ordination plan is drawn up in strict collaboration with the project manager. All safety matters are set down in both time and spatial contexts creating a unique document that will determine project development with sub-contractors and lead to the operative safety plan. These choices and decisions will be made together with the project managers, with on-site meetings essential. 

Execution of safety co-ordination requires some key steps:
- operative planning with the companies carrying out the work;
- checking of safety documentation from the companies;
- updating of the safety and co-ordination document as the project evolves;
- on site safety log book which will detail safety management checks being carried out.

The essential steps concerning safety management will be shared with the client through the project manager.


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