Research and development

Research and development

Research and development

As part of the program granted by Cariplo Foundation "Dissemination of innovative technologies for the preventive conservation of historical and architectural heritage", the firm developed over the years 2009-2010 a project for the application of innovative techniques of diagnosis and preventive conservation of monumental heritage. This project focused on the large involvement of historical buildings owners in the methodologies of preventive and planned conservation. The operation was applied to a specific geographical area and it made it possible to spread the virtuous practice of the conservation and of the inspections over a wide territorial context.

Over the years 2010-2012 the same partnership developed a research project granted by Lombardy Regional Council as a part of research program "Development Cultural Heritage 2009". The project, called "Monument Watch Italy" was aimed at developing an expert system which helps the historical building owners with the proper management of the maintenance of the heritage building. This project first acted on a regional scale, but it is aimed at having a significant impact at national level.

Under the funding of the Italy-Switzerland 2007-2013 cross-border cooperation programme, the firm developed the project "Preventive Planned Conservation in the Common Rhaetian Area -CPRE" that applied advanced technologies for survey and diagnostic investigation, as well as methods for structural inspection and seismic assessment of the monumental heritage of the Italian and Swiss areas close to the national borders. The aim of the project was the comparison and integration of the best practices on diagnostic and conservation of cultural heritage between the territories divided by the EU border.

Currently, as part of Cultural Heritage plus funding, in partnership with Milan Polytechnic, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE), Delft Technische Universiteit (NL) and Uppsala University (SE), FOPPOLI MORETTA e ASSOCIATI s.r.l. is developing the international research project "CHANGES -Cultural Heritage Activities: New Goals and benefits for Economy and Society" aimed at defining sustainable strategies to protect and manage the cultural heritage. The project foresees the comparison between inspection and monitoring of the state of conservation and maintenance practices, developed in the various territorial contexts of the project partners.

FOPPOLI MORETTA e ASSOCIATI s.r.l. is also developing its specific research subjects for the development of new diagnostic techniques to be applied to masonry and wooden structures and for the development of new survey methods.

The activities are in describe in:

A New Method to Test Masonry Shear Characteristics Throught Flat Jack (FJ-SCT Method)


  • FMeA is a member of the Italian National Research Register, under code 62159QLR since 2016

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