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About us

About us

FOPPOLI MORETTA e ASSOCIATI s.r.l. (FMeA) is an engineering company that has been operating since 2005 along the same lines as that of the associate studio with the same name set up in 1995.

The company is in charge of design project management, building site safety, consultation, testing, diagnosis and monitoring in both the public and private sectors.

The activity is divided into two areas: 

  • Construction, Restoration and Non Destructive Testing – Technical director Dario Foppoli
  • Environment, Territory and Infrastructure – Technical director Emanuele Moretta

In these areas, FMeA has acquired years of experience with many high profile projects.

In the sectors of building and restoration, the company has carried out projects concerning new builds, restructuring and conservation on many civil and industrial buildings for both public and private bodies. Much work has also been done on static consolidation and seismic protection in the public sector (buildings and schools), religious structures (churches and bell towers) as well as in archeological sites. This has meant that FMeA often operates in strict contact with the Italian archeological and architectural supervisory board.

In terms of non destructive testing, the company has many years experience in detailed analysis of the conservation state of masonry, R.C. and wood and the monitoring of historical buildings, some of which are among the most important heritage buildings in Italy including the chapel of Saint Sindone in the Turin cathedral, the house of parliament at Montecitorio in Rome, Giotto’s belltower in Florence and the Saint Biagio church in Montepulciano.

The same range of high profile analysis and project planning and execution has been carried out on areas subjected to earthquakes over recent years including L'Aquila in 2009, Emilia in 2012 and Central Italy in 2016.

In environmental and territorial contexts, the company is active in designing and managing projects (including safety procedures) such as hidraulic-forestal management and general landscape management, forest track creation and forest fire prevention as well as environmental impact studies and recovery of damaged natural areas. 

Finally, in infrastructure sector, projects include road planning, road and rail underpasses, projects for the collection, storage and distribution of water and significant work on the static and seismic vulnerability of bridges in masonry, R.C. and wood, a good example being that of the Alpini bridge in Bassano del Grappa.

FOPPOLI MORETTA e ASSOCIATI s.r.l. is a member of the Italian National Research Register and has collaborated for many years with some of Europe’s most prestigious research institutes including Milan Politecnico - ABC department of the National research committee – the  ICVBC at the University of Leuven (NL), Technische Universiteit Delft (B) and Uppsala University (S),

The research field is the use of innovative technology for the conservation of historical architectural heritage (2009-2010), inspections (2010-2012) and new goals for cultural heritage (2015-2017). FMeA constantly seeks out the latest and most effective diagnostic applications to analyse masonry and wood and collect and analyse data.


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